Divine Intuition and Protection Mala with Sapphire (108 count)


One hundred eight – a number sacred in Buddhist, Hindu, and Ayurvedic traditions. This lovely mala necklace features 108 beads made of four powerful gemstones, each specifically selected for its unique energetic properties. The rich blue of sapphire brings peace of mind. The argent light of hypersthene fosters calm. The deep sheen of golden obsidian releases negativity. The reflective darkness of tourmaline grounds you to the Earth. As each precious bead passes through your fingers, they remind you of your true power, purpose, and potential. Placed on Panache’s personal altar during his meditation practice, this beautiful mala will allow you to meet each day with balance, clarity, and gratitude.

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Sapphire Series Signature Jewelry

Divine Intuition and Protection 108 Count Mala with Sapphire

108 Count Mala Necklace in Sapphire (Wisdom & Royalty), Hypersthene (Healing & Clarity), Golden Obsidian (Repels Negativity), and Tourmaline (Inspiration & Happiness)

Finished with tassel. The tassel represents connection to spirit, or your highest truth.

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SKU: JWL-01-1104-108S


Affirmation & Power

Power: Divine Intuition and Protection

Affirmation: I am Divinely guided and am opening to the boundless inner wellspring of power, strength and love. I am protected always


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